"Due to its specificity, the segment of food and agricultural products poses a number of challenges and difficulties connected with the logistic service, which the CTL Logistics decided to meet. In consequence, we developed a range of dedicated services, whose comprehensiveness was built upon the understanding of the needs of customers from the agro industry.

    We offer our clients the transport of agricultural produce, liquid products and auxiliary agents for the production process. Depending on the customer’s needs, we also offer the transportation of end products in the eastern corridor and a wide range of additional services."

    Manager of Agriculture and Food Segment
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  • Services for the companies from the agricultural and food segment


    agricultural schema

    • Railway and road transportation of the agricultural produce (rape, cereals, soybean, sugar beets, potatoes)
    • Railway transportation of liquid products (oil, ethanol, molasses)
    • Transportation of materials and auxiliary agents for the production (e.g. coal, limestone)
    • Management and service of railway sidings
    • Service of unloading machinery
    • Service and construction of railway and road infrastructure
    • Shipping and custom duty service
    • Leasing and servicing of the rolling stock
    • Cross-border transportation: Poland – Western Europe, Poland – the East

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    Manager of Agriculture and Food Segment

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