The CTL Logistics Group offers its customers undeveloped areas and developed lots and buildings, which are the property of the companies belonging to the CTL Group. Among other things, the company offers investment areas located in Sosnowiec. They were created as assets after the termination of the company’s mining activity – exploitation of sand deposits, and then after technical rehabilitation of the area. Moreover, the offer of the company includes real estate situated in Katowice, Gdańsk, Mysłowice, and Sławków.

    Within the structure of the CTL Logistics, there is the Real Estate Management Office, whose aim is to manage the investment areas of the company, promoting them, and preparing for sales. The office uses professional license no. 14481. The execution of the sales and administrative-organizational tasks connected with preparing and selling real estate results from the skills of the CTL Logistics and the professional organizational structure that executes the developer’s tasks.

  • For the needs of potential partners and investors, the CTL Logistics Group prepared a website dedicated to these issues. The detailed offer of the CTL Logistics in the field of real estate is available at the website: www.ctlnieruchomosci.pl.

  • Contact the service of real estate


    Katarzyna Szczyrba

    Director of Real Estate Department

    CTL Maczki-Bór SA


    Mobile phone no.:

    728 876 088