The CTL Logistics Group is an international concern, established in 1992, offering a comprehensive logistic service in the field of railway and road transportation of goods – including also cross-border transport – shipping, service of railway sidings, maintenance of the rolling stock, construction and service of railway infrastructure, transshipment, custom duty consultation, and supply of raw materials. The area of the operation of the CTL Logistics Group is Europe – both its eastern and western part.

    The CTL Logistics has the competence, organization and potential necessary to accomplish the mission of a comprehensive logistic operator. The core of the CTL Group’s logistics is ecological railway transportation, but also the integration of other elements and means of transportation needed to execute an end-to-end logistic process for the customer.

    The mission of the CTL Logistics is to provide top quality comprehensive logistic services adjusted to the individual needs of each customer, with maintaining the optimal cost structure.

  • The CTL Logistics aims to obtain the highest standards of logistic service and to be the leader among the private railway operators within the EU markets.

    The scope of the services offered by CTL Logistics includes:

    • Railway and road transportation
    • Intermodal transportation
    • Shipping and custom duty service
    • Service of railway sidings
    • Transshipments in sea ports
    • Transshipments in land terminals
    • Transshipments on the eastern border of Poland
    • Construction and service of railway infrastructure
    • Leasing the rolling stock
    • Service of railway engines and cars
    • Bulk goods supply logistics
    • Industrial waste recycling
    • Terrain rehabilitation