The company focuses on the logistic service of chemical products and materials and a comprehensive service of railway sidings, mainly of the ZAK S. A. in Kędzierzyn Koźle – one of the largest Polish producers in the branch of chemicals and fertilizers.

    The rich technical infrastructure of the CTL Chemkol Sp. z o.o. enables the company to offer comprehensive services of logistics and repair, as well as cleaning the rolling stock and tanks used for transporting chemicals, including hazardous materials. The company also offers technical and organizational consulting in the field of managing private railway infrastructure, and provides services of comprehensive management of railway sidings (e.g.: Silekol Sp. z o.o.; Whirlpool Polska S.A.).

    The company is a certified provider of its services having the ISO 9001:2009 Quality and Safety Management System certificate, the SQAS Tankcleaning certificate for washing stands and tankers, and the SQAS RTC Workshop certificate for railway tanker repair shops.

  • Board of Management

    Zbigniew Kucytowski

    Chairman of the Board

    Paweł Stępkowski

    Member of the Board

    CTL Chemkol Sp. z o.o. provides services of:

    • leasing freight cars,
    • railway transportation and shipment (including the service of railway sidings),
    • washing and cleaning road and railway tankers as well as containers,
    • carrying out of periodic inspections of the rolling stock (including railway tankers, series T and F dump cars, and open freight cars),
    • performing running and emergency repairs of the rolling stock,

    • field repair service of railway cars,
    • performing pressure tests and repairs of road and railway tankers supervised by the Transportation Technical Supervision, including those for the carriage of hazardous materials,
    • welding, including welding aluminium,
    • performing overhauls and maintaining track infrastructure and railway traffic control devices,
    • renting warehouses with concrete floor of the area between 50 and 3400 with a possibility of loading and unloading in railway and car loading bays (possible use of forklift trucks),
    • advice on the safety of railway transportation of hazardous materials,
    • agency in road transportation of goods – road shipment,
    • technical advice,
    • homing railway cars, performing classification, and forming trains.

  • The freight car and railway infrastructure repair shop provides services of:

    • revision and main repairs, and periodic inspections of railway cars – tankers, open freight cars, FALS and TDS class, and other types,
    • revision repairs of containers supervised by the Transportation Technical Supervision – tankers, road tankers, brake reservoirs, and other special purpose containers,
    • running and emergency repairs of the rolling stock,
    • field service of running and emergency repairs of railway cars,
    • locksmith and welding works,
    • major overhauls, emergency repairs, and running maintenance of track infrastructure,
    • repairs and running maintenance of railway traffic control devices,
    • inspections of track infrastructure,
    • running repairs and inspections of diesel locomotives.

  • Tanker washing stand provides services of:

    • washing and cleaning (internal and external) of road and rail tankers after the transport of industrial chemicals (with the exception of Classes 1 and 7) and foods,
    • washing and cleaning series T and F dump cars and open freight cars,
    • washing and cleaning of 1000 l containers and other compact containers,
    • passivation (staining) of containers,
    • cleaning, regeneration, recycling, purchase, and sales of pallet tanks, barrels, and other packages made of PE and PP,
    • washing and cleaning of truck tractors (including washing motors),
    • internal and external washing of silos, tarped semitrailers, and other means of transportation.

  • We issue certificates of technical efficiency of cars. We have technical facilities with specialized equipment used for periodic repairs of the rolling stock. Our technologies are in accordance with effective legal regulations.

    In the process of providing the services, we offer drivers a possibility of using:

    • sanitary facilities (including shower)
    • a room adapted for preparing and consuming hot meals
    • resting at the TV and current newspapers

    We issue the ECD (European Cleaning Document)
    We issue waste transfer notes

    The CTL Chemkol Sp. z o.o. is the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), certified by the Railway Transportation Office, according to the Commission Directive (the EU) No 445/2011 of May 10th, 2011 with regard to the system of certification of the entities in charge of maintenance of freight cars. The scope of the ECM certificate encompasses all four functions of maintenance, including the fourth function of carrying out the maintenance.

  • CTL Chemkol Sp. z o.o.
    30F Mostowa Street
    47-223 Kędzierzyn–Koźle
    Phone no.:
    (77) 481 27 57
    (77) 481 32 49

    Tax ID no 749-18-79-582
    National Business Register no. 531656784
    National Court Register No. 0000028727 District Court in Opole VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
    Share capital: PLN