The activity of the company is focused on the implementation of services in the field of the rehabilitation and revitalization of lands degraded by industrial activity, the adaptation of industrial by-products, and earthwork engineering.

    The MB EKO is distinguished by a very wide and comprehensive scope of the services it provides. The company carries out the recycling of industrial by-products from energy industry, coal mining, metallurgical industry, and other industries, produces solid fuel for energy industry using waste materials from coal mining, and sells coal.

    The current activity is supported by development works conducted with scientific-research institutes to create the methods of adapting by-products of coal combustion from energy industry and spoil from mining, and of processing coal and other industrial waste.

  • Board of Management

    Sławomir Rzepecki

    Chairman of the Board

    The MB EKO S.A. provides the services of:

    • rehabilitation of the degraded areas,
    • earthwork engineering,
    • recycling of industrial by-products,
    • production and sales of coal granulate for energy industry,
    • logistics of biomass supply for energy industry,
    • coal sales,
    • comprehensive management of land rehabilitation and waste adaptation facilities.

  • MB EKO S.A.
    90 Długa Street
    41-208 Sosnowiec
    Phone no.:
    (32) 299 02 75
    (32) 299 01 45