Since the beginning of the Group’s activity, the development of the CTL Group is built with a special focus on sustainable development and assumes the implementation of business goals according to the rules of ethics, public interest, and environmental protection, with maintaining high standards of management.

    This means for us such a way of managing the companies belonging to the CTL Group, which, as a part of the implementation of the business goals aimed at the growth of the value of the Group for its shareholders, takes into account their influence on customers, employees, local community, and natural environment. We are open to a public dialog with any stakeholders, and at the same time we draw conclusions from all the initiatives by our own, taking advantage of this experience in further projects. Our aim is a sustainable development of our company, taking the expectations of our stakeholders into consideration. These consistent rules are applicable to all companies of the CTL Group regardless of place where their run their business activity (both in Poland and abroad) and of the scope of this activity.

  • The main area of the activity of the CTL Group is providing comprehensive logistic services, in which the leading role is played by railway transportation and logistics. The key company in this area of operation is the CTL Logistics, which gathers the remaining companies of the CTL Group in terms of capital. Also, the vital part of the CTL Group is the industrial activity of the CTL Maczki-Bór S.A. company in the area of open-pit mining, including the exploitation of sand deposits, and rehabilitation of pits with the use of rock waste coming from coal mining, construction industry, or power plants.

    Environmental aspects

    In our business, we place particular emphasis on environmental aspects. They are extremely important both in logistics and transportation services but also in the exploitation of the sand deposits, rehabilitation activity, and the recovery of industrial waste.

    In the CTL Group, we centralize the management of environmental aspects in order to implement uniform high standards in this field, and to fully use the knowledge of our specialists in all areas of our business activity.

  • In railway transportation, we place particular emphasis on meeting safety standards, aiming at minimizing the risk of accidents and collisions, and thus to reduce negative impact on the environment. We meet all requirements for ensuring the safety of transportation.

    We keep a constant monitoring of water and soil, and we adhere to all environmental norms resulting from legal regulations and administrative decisions within the areas covered by the rehabilitation activity.

    Saving activities and activities in the field of environmental protection are promoted among all workers of the CTL Group. This applies both to production and administration personnel.

    Social responsibility aspects

    The model for the entire CTL Group in the field of social aspects is the Program for Environmental Responsibility in Social Context, successfully implemented and carried out in the CTL Maczki-Bór S.A. company. This program is going to be developed in all companies of the CTL Group as a tested and effective tool enabling us to maintain good relationship with local communities, local government and organizations, and with employees.

  • In our activity, we place particular emphasis on the communication with employees, mainly through informational meetings with the representatives of trade unions.

    We also promote the model consisting in the transmission of information to subordinates by their superiors. In order to provide current information, we run the CTL Intranet Portal and publish a printed journal "CTL Connect".

    The issue on which we put the greatest emphasis is health and safety. The procedures implemented in this field dictate requirements stricter

    than those regulated by the law. Within these actions, we monitor the accident rate and record events which may potentially pose a danger, utilizing conclusions from the analysis of these events to undertake preventive actions. In a special way, we take care of our team of engine drivers. We are developing a system of non-financial motivation, offering various conveniences for this specialized staff, which is crucial for us.

    For all employees, we offer a set of trainings, and we also have the Social Benefit Fund.

  • Corporate governance aspects

    The management standards in the CTL Group are subject to the constant process of improvement. The key role is played by the method of selection of managerial staff based on selection of the best candidates by using professional HR advisors and a system of internal recruitment and promotion.

    Our group aims at centralizing all administrative and back-office in order to minimize costs and introduce uniform high standards of operation.

    What promotes ensuring high standards, increasing the credibility by contractors and stakeholders, and providing the rules of transparency of the CTL Group is using by the companies belonging to the Group the International Accounting Standards and making use of leading audit companies only.

    The CTL group follows the principles of operating in a manner which is strictly consistent with applicable legal regulations and demands resulting from various administrative decisions.

  • The key role in implementing and executing the above mentioned rules is played by the managerial staff of the CTL Group, which, through the participation in cyclic meetings with the Board of Management of the CTL Logistics, is informed about new initiatives and takes part in developing new solutions.

    Also, the implemented quality management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001 norm, environmental management systems in accordance with the ISO 14001 norm, and safety and health

    management systems in accordance with the PN-N-18001 norm, which have been functioning in the companies of the Group for many years, are very helpful.

    The ESG policy is subject to annual evaluation and update. The person responsible in the entire CTL Group for conducting the evaluation and coordinating the update of the ESG policy is the Director for Corporate Supervision and Organization. The update is carried out at the end of each financial year.