The data presented by the Office of Railway Transport prove that the potential of intermodal transport in Poland as one of the key transit countries connecting East and West is growing. According to the UTK [Office of Railway Transport] report, a total of 17 million tons of cargo was transported last year in the entire intermodal system, i.e. by over 15 percent more than in 2017. The year 2018 was also a record year in terms of the mass of goods transported in intermodal transport. The weight of cargo according to UTK [Office of Railway Transport] increased by 2.3 million tons, while transport performance by about 0.8 billion tkm. In 2019 Q2, the total mass in intermodal transport was already close to 4.7 million tonnes, and transport performance over 1.6 billion tonne-kilometers. The share of intermodal transport at that time reached the level of 7.8% (by weight) and 11.4% (by work done). The share by mass in 2019 Q2 increased by 1.4 percentage point, and according to transport performance by 1.6.


The Congress participants discussed on the current difficulties and challenges facing further development of intermodal transport in Poland. One of the speakers of the debate entitled  "Transit significance of Poland in the global logistics chain", taking place as part of the Intermodal Transport Congress, was Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o. During the discussion, G. Bogacki raised the issue of profitability of logistics companies operating on railways. The President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics stated that higher margins are needed to develop. - "Their current level is low, generally all logistics works on low margins, which, however, does not release from thinking about the future and investments that are inevitable for development and cross-sectoral competitiveness."


During the debate, the issues related to future investments were also raised. After the ongoing process of rail modernization and port expansion, a modern rolling stock, including dual-system locomotives, will be needed. - "CTL Logistics is in the process of acquiring 50 locomotives that it would like to use in the East-West corridors, and having its own company in Germany (CTL Logistics GmbH) is already actively involved in cross-border transport in European corridors" - said President Bogacki during the congress in Katowice. The company is also proceeding with the purchase of 75 wagon platforms from EU funds, and although a finalization requires its own considerable resources, it participates in this project, seeing in intermodal transport primarily opportunities for development and a strong market position.


The Intermodal Transport Congress was held on 4th September in Katowice. The event was attended by representatives of the Office of Railway Transport, ministries - Infrastructure and the Ministry of Marine Economy and Inland Navigation, the Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics, as well as PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., DB Cargo Polska S.A., the ProKolej Foundation, the Association of Independent Railway Carriers, the Railway Institute or the Institute of Civil Affairs.


The following topics were discussed: transit significance of Poland in the global logistics chain, public aid program for intermodal transport, intermodal transport in Poland - factors affecting its potential. The event was held on the initiative of the TOR Economic Advisors Team and the Technical College in Katowice.