At CTL Logistics, we offer our clients a wide range of services along with the highest standard of service. We built our comprehensive services on an in-depth knowledge of the company in the liquid fuels and chemistry segments. Our advantage is the ability to provide effective and thoughtful solutions that we implement together with our clients and monitor their progress throughout the entire logistics process.


The scope of services provided for companies in the liquid fuels and chemistry segment:

  • rail transport of RID Class 2 and 3 goods (gases, petrochemicals) and other goods not classified as hazardous (e.g. molasses, rapeseed oil, fertilizers and many others), transport of chemistry in liquid and solid form (including methanol, ethanol, styrene, acids, ammonia and many others),
  • domestic and foreign transport (German and southern European destinations, also outside the European Union),
  • own stock of tank wagons (type, among others, 406, 435, 437 and others), dedicated to the transport of fuels, acids and other chemical products,
  • own transhipment terminal for diesel and methanol handling in Medyka (Chałupki Medyckie).

Our experience:

  • preparation of execution for the contractor in accordance with the highest standards,
  • preparation of non-standard transports (including emergency oversized transport of tanks and other wagons),
  • many years of knowledge and experience in the transport performance in import, export and transit.


Our dedicated resources and competences held:

  • dedicated heavy electric and diesel locomotives for every transport (among others Dragon and BR locomotives)
  • high flexibility and support for contractors in the performance of new projects
  • 24/7 monitoring of rail shipments.

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