During the General Meeting of ZNPK Members, which took place on 23rd September  in Warsaw, Zygmunt Siarkiewicz, who represented CTL Logistics, resigned from the position of ZNPK Management Board Member. The resignation is associated with his retirement. Therefore, CTL Logistics has proposed the candidacy of Andrzej Pawłowski. The candidature was accepted unanimously. Zygmunt Siarkiewicz agreed to continue cooperation with the ZNPK to improve the competitive conditions of the railway industry. He will support the ZNPK Management Board as an Expert, using his wide industry experience.

Michał Litwin, General Director of ZNPK:

President Andrzej Pawłowski is a person extremely experienced and respected in the industry. Fundamental knowledge of railways - both from the technical and business side - which President Pawłowski acquired both in the structures of the infrastructure manager and on the part of carriers, as well as conciliatory and focused on finding constructive, balanced solutions, the style of work will further strengthen the ZNPK and contribute to improvement conditions for the functioning of our industry.

Andrzej Pawłowski:

Thank you very much for your appointment to the position of a Member of the Management Board of ZNPK. This is a responsible and demanding role because there are many topics, and each of them seems to be more important than the previous one. In my opinion, the main goals of the activities at ZNPK are the fight against unfair competition, discrimination and monopolies on the rail transport market, lowering rates of access to railway infrastructure, loading points and container terminals most effective for customers, as well as activities aimed at maximizing lines with a length of 740 meters and pressure of 22.5 tons. Our activity in order to achieve synergy in the use of information technology and sharing information in order to optimize the operation costs of railway carriers and infrastructure managers and optimize transport is also very important for the business operation of entities associated with ZNPK.