Easter is coming soon, a time of hope and kindness. We have never waited for good news before, bringing peace, strength and hope for a better future. We know that our friends from the Sosnowiec Social Cooperative Entity also trust that in these difficult moments we will remember them!

Guys, everyone can help #Not leaving the house!

Our FRIENDS are not in their beloved studio, they do not create, they do not sell their work. It is a pity - the pre-Easter time is fairs, home decoration orders, companies. Profit allowed them to survive until the summer Ceramics Festival in Bolesławiec. Now they are waiting - just like everyone else. Therefore, instead of chocolate sweets for the festive table, let's offer peaceful Easter to those under our care!

If you can, make a transfer for any amount - therapists are calling, who look after their patients around the clock. We have already responded to this call - they are "our children" whom we have always been helping - we are convinced that, as always, our employees and business partners will also join. Thank you!

Here is the data: Instytut Twórczej Integracji , Sosnowiec, account number: 30 1910 1048 2519 0412 8551 0001, with the note "GOOD HEART".