CTL Maczki-Bór rail-road crossings in the notification system 112


After several months of preparation, the railway crossings belonging to the CTL Logistics Group are already covered by the 112 notification system.

CTL Maczki Bór as Infrastructure Manager has just carried out system tests, in which trial emergency reports from selected rail and road crossings were carried out. At the same time, marking of level crossings with special information stickers was completed. The whole project is coordinated by the Office of Railway Transport. The project is part of the "Safe Passage" social campaign run by PKP Polish Railway Lines.

Yellow Sticker! How it's working?

  1. If you see a threat in the area of ​​the rail-road crossing - call 112
  2. Report the threat and provide the individual identification number of the ride, which is located on the Yellow Sticker.
  3. Operator 112 calls the dispatch center CTL Maczki-Bór S.A.
  4. Dispatcher's office gives the order to stop the movement
  5. Traffic within the proper passage is suspended due to the information given on the Yellow Sticker.

The whole project was coordinated by the Office of Railway Transport, which, as part of the Safe Travel campaign, published an educational film for road users.


Source: UTK