The new safety certificate covers Germany and includes the border sections leading to the stations in Poland: Rzepin, Gubin, Tuplice, Węgliniec, and Szczecin Gumieńce. Obtaining this certificate confirms that CTL Logistics GmbH complies with the highest safety standards and is prepared to continue providing freight transport services, including the transport of dangerous goods, in Germany to the border stations where trains are formally handed over to CTL Logistics.


Tomasz Paradowski, Board Member of CTL Logistics GmbH, stated:

The process of renewing the safety certificate was extremely time-consuming and required meticulous care in assessing the suitability and updating the Safety Management System (SMS) procedures in accordance with the implementation of the so-called Technical Part IV - Railway Package. We prepared and submitted the application for the certificate, after consultation and in accordance with the recommendations of the ERA (European Railway Agency) and EBA (Eisenbahn Bundesamt), six months before the expiry of the current document. During these few months, our team followed a step-by-step schedule of updates and changes to procedures, regulations, and internal instructions while maintaining constant contact with the EBA auditors, who were making a detailed assessment of the proposal. In terms of operational activities, we identified rail transport, including the transport of dangerous goods, and effectively renewed the competences of the document in force until 10 June 2024, under the old model with the so-called EBL (Eisenbahn Betriebleiter). As Paradowski goes on to explain: 'This was not, however, a classic recertification. By significantly updating its internal regulations to include the extension of operational responsibility to the sections leading to border stations on Polish territory, the Company made a kind of adaptation of the safety system to the constantly developing transport business. This will undoubtedly broaden our competence as a carrier on the border sections from Germany to Poland, where we are systematically strengthening our operations


Krzysztof Pietrzyk, CEO of CTL Logistics GmbH, stated:

The safety certificate we have received elevates us to a higher level of cross-border competence. With the extension of the certificate to include Polish border sections, we can now offer more flexible planning and safer transport services between Germany and Poland. Coupled with a constantly expanding fleet of dual-gauge locomotives approved for operation in both Poland and Germany, and drivers with Polish-German qualifications, we have all the components for an exceptionally strong market offering.

Furthermore, he adds:


For CTL Logistics GmbH, the safety certificate is the foundation of its activities in the field of goods transport, including the transport of dangerous goods. Its possession is first and foremost a legal requirement, but also confirmation that we are a responsible haulier, if only because of the specific nature of the products transported, including fuels and chemicals.  The transport of dangerous goods carries a high risk to human health and life and to the environment. Having a safety certificate ensures that we apply appropriate precautions, emergency procedures and countermeasures, which minimises the risk of accidents and incidents. In addition, we provide training for our employees who know and follow the relevant procedures, and we have risk management systems in place that identify, assess and control the risks associated with the transportation of goods. This allows us to react more quickly to potential risks and prevent accidents more effectively. Not least, supervision and audits ensure that the company's safety practices are constantly monitored and improved.


Single Safety Certificate