On the occasion of the next contract, the President of CTL Logistics, Grzegorz Bogacki, emphasized the company's strategy for rolling stock replacement, which is being consistently executed despite noticeable stagnation in the rail freight market:

"Today's receipt of the new Gama locomotives is an important step in our development. Strengthening our rolling stock will allow us to increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of services provided to our customers. Thanks to the modern technological solutions offered by the Gama locomotives, we will be better able to meet the growing demands of the market and maintain our competitiveness. The new locomotives are part of our long-term strategy to modernize and replace our rolling stock. Through such investments, we can provide our customers with reliable, efficient, and comprehensive service while taking care of the environment."

He adds:

"As a private entity, CTL Logistics places particular importance on the profitability of investments. The newly acquired locomotives must be utilized effectively so that we can grow the business. In the face of a weak business environment, this is particularly demanding, and we act with the utmost responsibility, bearing in mind the welfare of investors, employees, suppliers, and of course, customers."

President Bogacki further drew attention to the importance of the new locomotives for the company's growth and its freight business:

"Modern locomotives plus our internal resources and employee competence are the components necessary to implement our growth strategy. With modern units, we can optimise transport times and increase operational efficiency. We work closely with our companies in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, which enables better coordination of transports. This is key to the effective operation of CTL Logistics Group on Polish and international routes. We have licences for transport on Polish and German territory and we have a company in the Czech Republic, which acts as a strategic partner, linking European transport with international carriers and ensuring operational fluidity.  I am convinced that our actions, including investments in rolling stock, are beneficial both for us and for the market as a whole, contributing to the development of more sustainable and efficient transport of goods by rail. " 

Mr Ireneusz Kozłowski, President of RCP, emphasised the importance of cooperation with CTL Logistics:

ÔÇťCTL Logistics is a very important partner for us and one of the largest rail carriers in Poland. We are extremely pleased to be able to develop our cooperation by supplying them with modern Gama locomotives. These are already further units which are going to this carrier under long-term lease agreements. We know each other very well and understand CTL Logistics' needs in terms of railway rolling stock. We are pleased that our offer of leasing locomotives together with full maintenance is very well received, resulting in an extension of cooperationÔÇŁ.

Gama Marathon locomotives: the power of the engine allows all sidings to be operated without any problems and also to bring a 3200 t train up an ascent of as much as 7 per mille and to move the train on sections without traction voltage with a minimum range of 42km.

The locomotive's construction meets the strength requirements in accordance with the EN 12663 standard, and for collisions, it adheres to the EN 15227 norm.

These locomotives will represent a further significant reinforcement of CTL Logistics' rolling stock, enabling further development of transport activities. They are highly valued by the carrier for their universal character: they can lead depots in electric traction and also shunting in ports or terminals moving╠Ę on sections devoid of a traction network. Currently, the fleet of CTL Logistics Group comprises 18 state-of-the-art locomotives: Traxx and Gama Marathon.