mining segment "The CTL Logistics, since its establishment, developed services dedicated to the mining sector. We gained our experience in cooperation with the key representatives of the segment.

    As a result, the CTL Logistics Group built a comprehensive offer including, among other things, transporting coal between mines and power plants, transporting filling materials (sand) for coal mining, transporting and adapting industrial by-products from coal mining."

    Manager of Mining Segment CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o.
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  • Services for companies from the mining segment


    coal mine schema

    • Collecting and adapting of post-mining waste from extracting and processing coal
    • Rehabilitation of degraded areas
    • Railway and road transportation
    • The sales and distribution of materials (sand, by-products of combustion, aggregates, etc.)
    • Management of waste neutralization objects
    • Management and service of railway sidings
    • Service and construction of railway and road infrastructure
    • Storing and redistributing coal
    • Engineering works with heavy equipment (e.g. constructing embankments, levelling, etc.)
    • Shipping and custom duty service
    • Leasing and servicing of the rolling stock
    • Cross-border transportation: Poland – Western Europe, Poland – the East

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    Manager of of Mining Segment

    Manager of Mining Segment

    CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o.

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