The CTL Logistics offers services of comprehensive management of railway sidings and shunting services for industrial companies and logistics operators. These services are provided by specialized companies belonging to the CTL Group.

    The most significant benefits for our customers resulting from their cooperation with the CTL Logistics in this area are taking over the sidings’ stock of the customer and managing it by experienced professionals, customer’s possibility of concentrating on their own core business activity, reducing the costs of siding maintenance, taking over all actions connected with the maintenance of the rolling stock, infrastructure, and taking over all formal and legal matters relating to the functioning of the siding and forwarding of goods.

  • The scope of the maintenance of sidings

    Technical and movement actions:

    • acceptance of cars ordered by the customer in the technical and commercial respect,
    • technical inspection of the rolling stock, excluding the malfunctioning cars from the train,
    • current repairs and inspections of the rolling stock,
    • maintenance of the traffic posts and the management of the railway traffic in the sidings,
    • the implementation of shunting works in the sidings, shunting cars in order to perform unloading and loading actions, putting together and forming trains,
    • comprehensive maintenance of the railway infrastructure,
    • transshipment,
    • forwarding.

  • Organizational and legal actions:

    • development and update of work regulations of the railway transportation in sidings, and of documentation concerning the railway transports,
    • establishing and keeping the register of railway vehicles,
    • actions connected with obtaining permissions to operate railway vehicles, buildings, and equipment for railway traffic,
    • development of internal regulations determining the technical conditions and rules and requirements connected with the maintenance and utilization of railway vehicles, preparing the documentation of the system of railway vehicles’ maintenance,
    • preparing the documentation necessary to obtain the safety certificate for the user of a railway siding,
    • organizing and carrying out periodic instructions, qualification courses, periodic, qualification, and verification examinations,
    • providing the trainings in the field of transportation of hazardous materials.

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    Kucytowski Zbigniew

    Director for Railway Sidings

    CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o.


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