High-class myBoard SILVER sound systems have been delivered to the Primary School No 36 in Sosnowiec. They are perfectly compatible with interactive boards and speakers that can be easily connected to a computer and get maximum functionality of interactive boards as a tool supporting education and development of students. 12 sound sets with a total value of over 5,000 PLN was purchased and donated by the neighboring company CTL Maczki-Bór.


Sławomir Rzepecki, President of the Management Board of CTL Maczki-Bór:

The support for pro-educational activities is an important element of the idea of ​​corporate social responsibility implemented by CTL Maczki-Bór and the entire CTL Group. The company, apart from its core activities, engages in pro-social campaigns, supporting the local community. For many years, as CTL Maczki-Bór, we have invested in sport, in the Sosnowiec women's basketball team. Since last season, the team has been operating under the name of CTL Zagłębie Sosnowiec. It is worth mentioning that the core of this team are the students of the local sports club, so the element of the development of children and young people also occurs in this sport zone of our involvement. As a Group, we also support the Special Schools Complex No 4 in Sosnowiec and the Sosnowiec Social Cooperative by donating, inter alia, donations for the purchase of the necessary rehabilitation equipment.

We hope that the delivered sound systems will affect the quality of classes. We believe that children are looking forward to returning to classroom activities, and that further devices increasing their attractiveness will be just another positive element of this return. This Christmas and New Year gift for Primary School No 36 is the first, but we believe, not the last, joint action.

The cooperation with the Primary School No. 36 in Sosnowiec is part of the mission of CTL Maczki - Bór as a responsible company, operating on the basis of the principles of sustainable development, taking into account the balance between business factors and the needs of the social environment.

About CTL Maczki-Bór S.A .: it belongs to the CTL Group. It is the land owner of the former Maczki-Bór mine, it conducts recultivation activities, gradually restoring the functionality of the post-mining land to use. The activity of the company CTL Maczki - Bór S.A. it is strongly associated with the area of ​​environmental protection. It conducts exploitation and reclamation activities in close cooperation with the hard coal mining, professional energy and construction industries.

The local mine, Maczki-Bór, is an important and comprehensive infrastructure for the Polish mining and power industry in the area of ​​waste rock management, mining, hard coal processing and combustion by-products. Reclaimed land is one of the elements of the region's development through the creation of new companies, plants and jobs. So far, CTL Maczki-Bór has created approx. 150 ha of land after recultivation, developed for investment purposes.