Pursuant to the contract between CTL Logistics and RCP Sp. z o. o. the locomotive was constructed and handed over to the carrier on 27 December 2022, another one will expand the CTL Logistics fleet in the first half of 2023.

Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics:

“The locomotive has already been "contracted" to operate the container transport on the route Sławków - Port Północny. Its parameters allow the optimization of the entire supply chain by limiting the human resources and railway means. So far, on such routes we had to use a total of 3 locomotives with operators. Now one Gama can handle the whole route and the two ends of the first and last mile. We have a lot of such contracts with optimization potential. Gama can operate the whole transport, including non-electrified sidings and end-of-line shunting in ports, steel mills, mines and container terminals.”

Ireneusz Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of RCP Sp z o.o.:

“Currently, the company has 46 locomotives used by 16 carriers. We are very glad that CTL Logistics has joined the group of our clients, and the locomotives from our rolling stock pool will join the fleet of one of the largest Polish carriers. This is a great honour for us. As ROSCO, we want to further develop our offer of modern and reliable vehicles. We can see that the demand on the market for this type of rolling stock is constantly growing, displacing the existing old vehicles. Therefore, in cooperation with the rolling stock manufacturers, we will increase the number of locomotives in the company.”

The first Gama with the CTL Logistics logo will enter the tracks in a few days, the next in the first quarter of 2023. However, the carrier already announces that this is the first step towards long-term and efficient cooperation with RCP and the locomotive manufacturer Pesa.

Paweł Stawarz, Member of the Management Board:

“When commissioning Gama, we had the opportunity to look at the production process of rail vehicles at the Pesa plant in Bydgoszcz and talk about the future. We hope that the effects will soon be visible on the tracks with the CTL Logistics brand.”

The carrier is planning further investments in the rolling stock, and want to buy 9 Gama locomotives in total.
The Gama Marathon produced by PESA is an electric locomotive with an access module. Driven by an additional, modern and ecological engine, the power generator enables the locomotive to move on sections without overhead lines. This additional drive used and appreciated by carriers, intended mainly for shunting work, allows to drive a freight train up to 3,200 tons at an elevation of up to 7 per mille. It is also useful in emergency situations, and can bring the train to its destination despite an unexpected power drop in the system.